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Oral Rabies Vaccines: A boon in control of rabies in free ranging dogs in India?
Hridya Susan Varughese1, Shrikrishna Isloor2* and Sharada, R.3
Oral rabies vaccines, Rabies, Dogs, Baits
Oral rabies vaccines have been in use for the control of sylvatic rabies for years. While the global rabies burden is carried by Asian and African countries, the control programs for the disease have been more effective in North America and Europe. This peculiarity is attributed to the use of oral
Perception and Practices Regarding Rabies among Animal Bite Victims: A Cross-sectional Study in a Rural Area of West Bengal
Chandra Shekhar Maity1, Bobby Paul2, Ankush Banerjee3, Lina Bandyopadhyay4, Madhumita Bhattacharyya5, Monalisha Sahu6
Rabies; Knowledge; Practices; Animal bite; Rural West Bengal
Rabies is a fatal but preventable disease that is highly prevalent in India. Inappropriate knowledge and practices related to the disease can impair post-exposure prophylaxis following an animal bite. This study assessed the levels of knowledge and practices regarding prevention of the disease amon
Impact of COVID-19 pandemic on animal bite cases reporting to Anti-Rabies Clinic of a tertiary care hospital in Jammu: Comparing pre-pandemic and pandemic era
Dr. Richa Mahajan1, Dr. Mehak Taban Mir2, Dr. Riya Gupta3, Dr. Rajiv Kumar Gupta4
Impact, COVID-19, Anti Rabies Clinic, footfall, tertiary care hospital
COVID-19 pandemic and resultant responses by respective governments including stringent lockdowns had cascading effects on all spheres of life including healthcare and health services. India imposed a very restrictive lockdown in March 2020 to curtail the spread of pandemic
Rabies in Greater Guwahati - A Five-Year Retrospective Study
Dr. Shivani Pradhan1, Dr.(Mrs.) Jyoti B Dutta2, Dr. Arup K. Sharma3, Dr. Sophia M. Gogoi4
Dog-mediated rabies, retrospective study, dog-bite, mortality, Greater Guwahati
Rabies is a dreadful and lethal zoonotic disease, commonly transmitted by dogs. To assess the incidence of dog-mediated rabies, a five-year retrospective study was undertaken in two major government hospitals in Greater Guwahati during 2013-2017. The cumulative incidence of dog-bite cases during th
A cross-sectional study of awareness regarding dog bite and its management in urban community of Kolkata
Dr Kajal Kumar Patra1, Dr Sumit Poddar2, Subhasish Adak3, Kishore P Madhwani4*, Jitendra Kumar Singh5
Dog bite, Rabies, Anti-rabies vaccine
Rabies is a neglected zoonotic tropical disease that usually affects the poorest communities. Rabies is 100% fatal and at the same time 100% preventable. A huge proportion of death due to rabies occurs in Asia and Africa, and India is reported to have the highest incidence of rabies. The present st
A Case of Furious Rabies – A case study from Kerala
Dr. Dhanusha Chandran1, Dr. Asvini K P2, Dr. Anjan Rita Thomas3, Dr. Asha K P4
Rabies is a viral zoonotic disease that causes acute progressive encephalitis that accounts for over 59 000 human deaths and over 3.7 million disability-adjusted life years (DALYs) lost every year. Vaccination of humans is an effective preventive intervention for rabies control after exposure to RA
Unusual Site of Cat Bite over Eye in a Child-Treated With Diluted ERIG and IDRV
Suman Sweta Nayak1, Tapas Ranjan Behera2
Rabies, ERIG, Cat Scratch, ERIG irrigation into eyes
The purpose of this case study is to create awareness about the proper management of ocular injuries due to animal attacks
A case of dog bite in a COVID19 positive adult male from Bangalore, Karnataka
Dr N R Ramesh Masthi1, Dr H S Ravish1, Dr U Sowmyashree2
A case of dog bite in a 33 years COVID Positive adult male is presented here. The patient had a dog bite while travelling to the hospital for investigations. He was referred to Kempegowda Institute of Medical Sciences Hospital and Research centre, Bangalore for management. The patient had Category-
A study on primary wound management of dog bite injuries presenting to a teaching hospital in Andhra Pradesh
Dr. CH.Hymavathi1, Dr. Sarath Babu.Z2, Dr. A.Krishnaveni3
Dog bite, Rabies, Anti Rabies Vaccination, Wound washing
Rabies is a highly preventable zoonotic disease which is other wise having 100% mortality.Objectives:1.To study the socio-demographic profile of patients with dog bite injuries attending tertiary care hospital 2. To know the type of injuries among study population 3. To study the primary management