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Rabies Prophylaxis During Covid -19 Pandemic Points to Remember
Dr. M. K Sudarshan
Rabies Prophylaxis During Covid -19 Pandemic
Covid in Animals and Upcoming Vaccine Based on Rabies Virus
Dr. Shivaji Bhattacharya
The family Rhabdoviridae consists of more than 100 viruses that infect a wide variety of hosts, including vertebrates, invertebrates, and plants. Under this family, genus Lyssavirus includes rabies virus and at least five other pathogenic rabies- like viruses. Whereas corona viruses (CoVs) are a gr
A Brief History of the Purified Chick Embryo Cell Human Rabies Vaccine, Chirorab (formerly known as Rabipur)
Charles E. Rupprecht
The development of modern cell culture vaccines revolutionized human rabies prevention since the latter part of the 20th century. ChiroRab (previously known as Rabipur) is an inactivated purified chick embryo cell rabies vaccine, produced in India for the prevention of rabies in humans. Over the pa
Treatment Card: Vital Tool in the Vaccination in Rabies Control Program
Dr. Preeti Thaware1, Dr Manish Taywade2, Dr Sushma Katkuri3
Rabies, prevention and control, treatment card, vaccination
A treatment card is vital in any long term follow-up of diseases. Rabies is one of them, treatment card is important to follow-up with the diseased or beneficiary under the national program. Efficient use of this tool requires well trained and motivated health care provider. It is a cost-effective
Delay in Post Exposure Prophylaxis and Associated Factors Among Animal Bite Victims Attending a Tertiary Care Hospital
Dr. Jitendra B. Surwade1, Dr. Malangori A. Parande2, Dr. Amit M. Patil3, Dr. Nandkumar M. Salunke4, Dr. Muralidhar P. Tambe5
Post-exposure prophylaxis, Vaccination, Rabies, Delay
Animal bites are significant causes of morbidity and mortality worldwide, which can be prevented by timely and appropriate post-exposure prophylaxis (PEP).Delays in receiving PEP can affect the effectiveness of the treatment and outcome. Aims and Objectives: To study factors associated with delay i
A Novel Recombinant Rabies G Protein Vaccine (Thrabis®) - A VLP based Rabies vaccine
Dr. Sumit Poddar1, Dr. Ashok Agrawal2*, Dr. Ameet Soni2, Dr. Seema Sharma3
Rabies, VLP, Recombinant
In past many effective rabies vaccines were developed that used live-attenuated strains or inactivated killed pathogens. Live- attenuated vaccine strains are typically highly immunogenic, but have inherent safety concerns. The inactivated or killed vaccine stimulates a weaker immune reaction, and t
Impact of Cyclone Fani on Animal Bite Cases in Central Odisha: a Hospital Based Mixed Method Observational Study
Dr Namrata Panigrahi1, Dr Dipanweeta Routray2, Dr Anurag Choudhury3
Animal bite; Extremely severe cyclonic storm Fani; In-depth interview; Mixed method study; Odisha; Phailin
Introduction: On 3rd May 2019, an extremely severe cyclonic storm-Fani hit the coastal areas of Odisha affecting almost 14 districts. Following which there was a surge in animal bite cases presenting to the tertiary care hospital of central Odisha. Hence this study was planned to compare the trend
Assessment of Knowledge of Pharmacy Students Regarding Animal Bite and its Management
Prof D.M Satapathy1, Dr.S.R Haldar2, Dr. D.Jena3, Dr.Manisha Panda4
Animal bite, Pharmacy students, knowledge
Rabies is a fatal disease but preventable by proper management of dog bite wound. Most of the time victims of dog bite do not get proper treatment due to lack of knowledge on wound treatment. In periphery, due to shortage of doctors pharmacists are managing OPD and IPD. In this context, the present
Immunogenecity of Rabies Monoclonal Antibody and Wound Management in a Diabetic Patient With Category III Dog Bite
Tapas Ranjan Behera1, Asmita Patnaik2, Minakshi Mohanty3
Rabies, Dog bite wound management, RMab, Antibiotic sensitivity in animal bite wound
A 57 year old diabetic male with multiple bite wounds over his lower limbs bitten by a stray dog was subjected to infiltration of RMab and FHeal ointment application locally to assess the importance of proper wound management and to test the immunogenicity of RMab. He was provided with proper antib
Blind Faith in Traditional Healing Methods Lead to Rabies in a Young Female
Asmita Patnaik1, Tapas Ranjan Behera2
Rabies, Hydrophobia, Aerophobia, Traditional Healers, Incubation Period of Rabies
A 28 year old female presented with the chief complaints of pain and needle pricking sensation in the right lower limb and difficulty in drinking water for last 5 days. She had a history of stray, unprovoked dog bite over the Right limb 3 months back. She received some traditional plant based treat